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Quick tips for your Apps

Considering the fact that there are more than two million mobile applications that exist today in the world app stores, lack of visibility is one of the biggest problems that many developers face today. For this reason, it is important

Using Coupons To Buy Your Kobo

We are creatures of habit and as humans we tend to stay with things that we are familiar with. The term “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is always used when you are trying to change someone’s mind.

Unlock The IPhone 5s Easily

The iPhone 5s is one of the smart phones that are being used by people at every corner of the world. The phone comes out with all the smart things that one would love to use but at the same

Are wearables the gadgets of the future?

In the last few years we have seen a new trend emerging – wearable technology. From Google’s now defunct Glass to Microsoft’s HoloLens major manufacturers are launching gadgets that you can actually wear. Most of today’s wearables are wrist bands,

Why We’ve Fallen in Love With Online Shopping

Recent years have seen a boom in online shopping. From a niche activity confined to easily packaged products like books and CDs, it’s become many people’s first choice whenever they need to buy anything. But why have we taken to

EaseUs’s recent updates in disk partitions

Most of us having our own PC’s; but its storage capacity not satisfies or not sufficient for our purposes, at that instant we starts our search for extra storages or other spaces from our local. It truly makes us feel

Enhanced Performance And Features Of Cloud Data Centers And Mellanox

Mellanox is leading supplier of Ethernet and InfiniBand interconnect services, storage and solutions. The Mellanox interconnect will increase the efficiency of data center by offering the lowest latency and highest throughput this means it deliver the data as faster to

Disaster recovery explained

‘Disaster’ is a somewhat emotive term that conjures up images of large fires, extreme flooding and earthquakes! But In the IT industry, disaster can mean anything, whether that is the office pipe bursting, a small fire or even systems getting

Understanding mobile wallet technology

Internet banking services have literally revolutionised the way people used to shop all around the world. This wave of net banking has grasped not just the developed nations, but has made a huge impact on developing economies as well. People

2015 Insights into the Smart Home

Smart home technology has developed and will continue to develop at a furious pace, with new applications coming out every day. The market in the UK is set to double by 2019, with around 7.7 million homes incorporating smart home