4 Things Businesses Forget to Consider when Building Websites | tech news 404

4 Things Businesses Forget to Consider when Building Websites | tech news 404

4 Things Businesses Forget to Consider when Building Websites

Most businesses will invest in a website as a key marketing channel, but many will forget to consider certain key questions in the rush to develop an online presence! We take a look at some of the most commonly overlooked considerations.

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Who will manage the site?

Many websites are created, launched with great excitement… and then slowly die a death through lack of fresh content and general updating. Remember, you will not maintain your search engine rankings by doing nothing, as other site owners will be investing in their optimisation and move ahead. The question about who will manage and update the website needs to be answered as early as possible. It might be the role of a single website manager, or it may be shared between several role as a common responsibility. Alternatively, you may wish to hire a freelancer or agency to do the job – but remember that you will still need to provide the content! Consider too what sign-off processes you need to embed internally to ensure content is correct and in line with your branding and business messages.

What is the ultimate objective of your website?

It is very easy to get swept away on the functionality and aesthetic of your new site, but fundamentally you need to know what it is for, and why you are creating it. Do you want the user to find out information, sign up to something or purchase a product or service online? Really understanding this will ensure that your site develops in the right way and focus your attention – and budget – on functionalities that deliver these core objectives, rather than ‘nice to haves’ which are not central to the overriding purpose of the site.

What is your SEO strategy?

Again, building a website and updating it will only take you so far. The most successful websites tend to be optimised for search engines, and will have devices that help these robotic readers to understand and index them. Your website needs to have meta descriptions, keyword rich headlines, alt tags on images and more to stay ahead of the game. A web design agency in London can help with these considerations by linking you up to a team of website development professionals, such as britishwebsites.co.uk.

What is your budget?

Be clear on this before commissioning any website build. The budget is key to defining what you can have, and it is sensible to include a contingency margin for overspend. Remember, modern sites do not need to be huge and expensive – templated systems are inexpensive and widely accessible to all, including WordPress and Umbraco platform templates and sites. For a smaller budget, focus on keeping the site small and simple, and deliver it really well. Remember, bigger does not necessarily mean better! Some of the best sites are very clean, beautifully presented, have excellent navigation and thoughtful design – and these elements are not costly in themselves: they just require thought.

These are just four things to keep in mind when building a website. If you have experience in the field, what other tips would you give to businesses looking to create their own digital assets?