Are wearables the gadgets of the future? | tech news 404

Are wearables the gadgets of the future? | tech news 404

Are wearables the gadgets of the future?

In the last few years we have seen a new trend emerging – wearable technology. From Google’s now defunct Glass to Microsoft’s HoloLens major manufacturers are launching gadgets that you can actually wear. Most of today’s wearables are wrist bands, acting as an extension to our smartphones – tracking our location, our hear rate, transmitting messages and reminding us of our appointments. But I think these gadgets are only at the beginning of their “lives”, with much more potential to be explored in the future.

Perhaps the most popular of today’s wearable gadgets is the smart watch. It is basically a limited smartphone small enough to wear around your wrist. Besides just telling the time, it has a series of other functions in it – it can act as a GPS navigation device, a fitness tracker, and more. It has one basic problem, though, that limits its functionality – it is small enough to wear it around your wrist. A smart watch will never be as multi-purpose as it could be because of its limited size. It’s too small to comfortably write a message on it, and voice to text dictation is out of the question for most of us – it would be awkward to dictate a text message in public, especially if it has a highly personal content. The small screen size makes the smart watch fail as a gaming device, too – holding up your wrist long enough for a notable session at the euro palace casino would make you tired too soon. So what is the smart watch good for besides being an elaborate fitness tracker?

I think the best combination of wristwear and technology is MICA, the smart bracelet designed by Intel and Opening Ceremony. MICA combines the stylishness and looks of a luxury bracelet with the possibilities of technology to create the perfect accessory for the modern day woman. MICA has its own SIM card capable of connecting the device to the internet. It has apps like Calendar, Reminders, Yelp recommendations – for when she is looking for a place to drink a good coffee – and a messaging service to stay in touch with friends and relatives even when answering the phone is not an option. All these functions are concealed in a stylish and elegant accessory, made of the most precious materials – gold, ivory, sapphire glass and others. The MICA is a different approach to wearable technology – combining it with style instead of loads of special features.

Wearable tech has another path it can take in the future – the one started by Google’s Glass. Although the product itself is dead for the public at this moment, it is still very much alive for specific uses like healthcare, for example. This is an application where wearable tech can be especially useful – think of micro-surgery, non-invasive checkups and more.