As a “citizen” of Youtube, do you know about these 10 tips with video URL?

With only one video URL on YouTube, you can do many things that you may need at any time.

Most users simply access and watch videos directly on Youtube, but Youtube still basically has the customizations that users may never know or hear about. And most of these customizations are beneficial to users, helping them to be more proactive in enjoying the videos that this world’s leading video site offers.

This article will give you some suggestions on how to customize the YouTube video URL, allowing you to make the most of this service.

1. Select any playback time in the video

Normally, when you copy a video link on Youtube, the video will be set by default as playback starts from the beginning. Therefore, if you want someone to click on the video link and immediately see the main content of the video but skip the lengthy intro at the beginning of the video, you can choose to set a timestamp in the link video, as follows.

Right-click on the currently playing Youtube video frame and select the “Copy video URL at the current time” command.

Then we will have an extended video URL in the form of, where “?T= XXX” means the time when the video you want the person to click on the play link will watch continued from that time. And “XXX” here will be counted in seconds.

In case you want to set the YouTube video URL link that users click will be viewed at the time of 1 minutes 30 seconds from the beginning, the URL you need to customize is 90

2. Set videos to looping endlessly

Recently, singers have been releasing music videos on YouTube so it seems like YouTube is now considered a great place for you to listen to music and enjoy the playlists that make it super cool. However, by default YouTube will only play once or videos or playlists and switch to another video or stop. Therefore, if you want to set up playback multiple times, it is as simple as the following.

Method 1: Right click on the video playback frame and select “Loop”.

Method 2: From the URL of the video in the form of, please add the phrase “repeater” after the word youtube, so the video URL set to repeat playback will take the form is “

3. Ignore the age limit for watching videos

Due to being the largest video uploading place in the world, it is not difficult to see some of the adult content videos on YouTube, but these videos will be checked by Youtube and determined to flag age limits. Therefore, if you want to watch these limited videos, you can do the following.

Simply add “gen” to the front of the video URL. Then the site will be moved to a new address with video ready to let you see.

4. Skip the introduction of the video

Similar to tips that allow you to choose a start time for a video, you can also slightly tweak it to specify the playback time to skip the video introduction (usually 30 seconds with short and 90 seconds video with long video). As follows.

For example, here you have the URL, just add the “&start=YY” command to the end of the video URL, with “YY” the time you want. , for example, here is 30 seconds, the complete URL will be

5. Download the video

If you want to download a YouTube video to your computer, just do the following.

Add the phrase “pwn” before the video URL.

You will then be taken to the video download site with options to download free videos or extract audio from video to your computer.

6. Watch TV on Youtube

As a version designed for smart TV devices, Youtube TV is optimized and easy to navigate for everyone.

If you want to try this version on your computer, try visiting the link “”.

7. Go straight to your registration page

Normally YouTube’s homepage will have suggested videos from the channels you subscribe to, but there are also suggested videos that look quite confusing right?

If you simply want to track videos from subscribed channels, you can use the URL as

8. Extract high quality thumbnails of videos

Normally YouTube videos will have thumbnail images that suggest the content of the video every time you search and glance. However, in case you want to “get” these images with maximum quality, do the following.

Simply enter the VideoID of the video into the URL of the form “[VideoID]/maxresdefault.jpg”. For example, the sample video has the URL, then “tXkMRKEoCiQ” is its VideoID. And then the link to download the high-quality cover image of the video will be “”.

9. Create animated GIFs from Youtube videos

If the video you are watching has some interesting parts, you can turn it into an animation to share with friends through the following way.

Add “gif” to before the youtube in the address.

Then the YouTube to GIF website will appear and give you the tools to turn your favorite video into a GIF image.

10. Mix 02 videos together

This is really a fun game, you can set up and play both YouTube videos at the same time on a browser tab and from there, you will probably discover something new and interesting when combining 2 videos together.

Simply select “videos” and combine them at YouTubeDoubler and you’re done.


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