Business Card Design

If you’re in the market for a business card, but you’re not thrilled with the idea of paying anywhere from $100 – $5,000 in design fees, you’re in luck. You can easily come up with a great business card design, get the business cards printed and delivered all in less than a week. In fact, some websites offer next day delivery on many business card designs they print.
Now, if you really want to start from scratch and create your own business card design on your computer, here is some information that you’ll find helpful. First, locate the business card printer you will be using and find out what file types they will accept and at what resolutions. You will also want to learn about their charges for bleeds, spot color and process color. These things also have specifications that must be obliged such as how wide of a margin for a full bleed. A standard finished sized business card design is 3½” x 2″. Some printers require a properly formatted and spaced gang, others will accept a single piece of artwork. If the printer you select has a template available, using it will simplify your task.

You can very easily create your own business card design online. There are many printers that specialize in this, and they have free online software, designs, templates, suggestions, pricing options and more to help you along with your specific business card design project.

Visit for complete assistance and business card design online. This company allows you to upload your own business card design or create one using their simple, fast business card design software online. Pricing on this website is in keeping with other similar websites.

I went through the business card design process at and was quite impressed. This website also has a Business Cards Education Page that is teeming with information about printing processes, printing terms and more. It is on this page that you can also order their FREE business cards – limitations do apply, but you can’t beat the price! Pricing on this website is in keeping with other similar websites. also offers free business cards, but they will imprint their logo on the backside of the business cards – as well as some additional limitations. I perused their business card designs and was quite impressed. Like other websites offering templates for business card design, you merely need to make a few choices, enter the appropriate information and place your order. Pricing on this website is in keeping with other similar websites.

A Novel Approach To Business Card Design
Worry less about minute design elements and more about quality. You want your business card to stand out. Try hot foil stamping on a clear or colored plastic stock. Hot foil stamping will also make a business card design that is printed on good paper jump up and say “keep me!” Engraving and blind embossing are costly, but they will absolutely express quality and success. If you use text only in your business card design and have it engraved on high quality stock, people will instantly see and feel the quality difference of your business card. You can also consider using a simple business card design, but printing it on a metal business card – it’s costly, but nobody will throw it away! And after all, you did save the cost of professional design fees.