Camping Sleeping Bag Purchaser’s Guide

Campers and backpackers quickly realize that a nice back pack, sleeping bag, and camping tent are critical items to have. Even though we expect our tents to offer us protection from the elements, we all know that a tent alone will not keep us from freezing. In order to stay warm, you will need to get yourself a high quality sleeping bag.

There are many sleeping bag reviews on particular sleeping bags, so I won’t go into too much detail on any particular brand, but I will provide you with the information you need to buy a good sleeping bag. I wrote this article to help readers learn what kinds of sleeping bags are available and what each kind is all about.

You’ll find that most sleeping bag reviews tell you why one model is better or worse than another model. The problem with this is that new buyers want to learn which particular sleeping bag designs they should be looking at rather than just what brands and models. You’ll find that there are two primary sleeping bag types to choose from. These include the standard rectangular sleeping bag and the mummy sleeping bag.

A standard sleeping bag generally unzips all the way to the feet and does not provide any protection for the head. This bag is shaped like a rectangle and does not taper in at any point.

Mummy sleeping bags typically only have zippers running from about half way down the sleeping bag. This is to help keep extra warmth in. The mummy sleeping bag will also be more narrow down at the legs than at the shoulders. Head covering is provided and kept close to the face through the use of a drawstring system.

A camper’s particular needs will dictate what kind of sleeping bag design they go with. People that choose to keep garments in the bottom of their sleeping bags cannot do so in a mummy sleeping bag. However, you will find that the mummy sleeping bag is usually much warmer and more suited for cold climates.

Sleeping bag reviews for each model and brand can be read once you choose a sleeping bag style to purchase. Read through as many reviews as you need to before buying the best sleeping bag you can.

Read through the multitude of blogs and forums on sleeping bag reviews to find more specific information on them. You’ll discover a number of useful information from people that have lots of experience camping out.

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