Safe Male Enhancement

Are Male Enhancement Exercises Safe? One of the most talked about concerns when it comes to male enlargement exercises is whether or not they’re safe. There is no right or wrong answer, mainly because there have been so many documented accounts. In short, if you do the penis exercises according to the instructions and the […]

Ready to take control of your assets?

It is crucial for Fire Departments to track the assets it needs to efficiently respond to unpredictable medical and fire related emergencies. It also needs to track the people it helps save, treat and transport. This document provides insight to the challenges of these tasks as well as available solutions. CHALLANGE Typically fire rescue vehicles […]

Google Introduces Android 1.6: Donut

Android has gotten pretty famous throughout the last few years. Google now introduces their new version of the mobile Operating System 1.6: Donut. This ‘minor update’ includes the support for more different screen resolutions. For now, only an sdk version is available, in October the software will be released ‘out into the wild’. For now […]

Product Review: Joby Grip Tight Micro Stand

The Grip Tight Micro Stand from is the perfect gift for the Instagrammer on your list . This little gadget allows you to sturdy your smartphone (iPhone and Android) to take a shot with ease. I love to take macro shots with my iPhone lens but I often have a shaky hand. With the […]

How to combine Live Photos into videos in iOS 13

Live Photos has been around in iOS devices for a few years now, allowing you to capture specific moments before or after you take a photo. These moments can then be viewed later with the image and specifically show 1.5 seconds of motion before and after the photo was taken. It has a small but […]

Will this man save Huawei smartphones?

Richard Yu will take on the most difficult task in the current technology world: making Huawei the king of the mobile market without relying on Android. Before the US-China trade war took place, most of Huawei’s senior executives were quite alien to the media, even though the technology giant was the world’s largest manufacturer of […]

What criteria does Google and Facebook pay for software engineers?

If you are curious about how they software engineers at big technology companies like Facebook and Google, you can read the article below for answers. Software engineers upon graduation can have a 6-digit salary, not including good benefits. Based on experience, some people can get millions of dollars a year. However, the salary that each […]

Apple recalled some lines of MacBook due to faulty battery, may explode

The 2015 MacBook Pro models sold from September 2015 to February 2017 encountered some battery problems and could cause an explosion. Apple has just announced a free battery replacement and replacement program for the 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro models sold from September 2015 to February 2017. The reason is that the battery of the product […]