CBSE board exam toppers and their success mantras | tech news 404

CBSE board exam toppers and their success mantras | tech news 404

CBSE board exam toppers and their success mantras

CBSE board result for class 10th and 12th has always been the standard with which people measure student’s success in near future.  Most of them want to be engineer. We got 4 students who topped in CBSE Board Exam 2015 and made their parents and school proud. Let’s find out the secret of their success and their plans for near future.

M Gayathri

When most of the students remained glued to their CBSE Books in March and April, the all-India topper of CBSE class 12 board examination, M.Gayathri continued to follow her hobbies. She did not discontinue her hobbies during exams. In fact her hobbies helped her to de-stress after studies.  A student of New Green field School in south Delhi’s Saket scored 99.20 percentage in all-India examination. She got a perfect score in 3 subjects out of five that she appeared for – 100 each in maths, accounts and business studies and 98 each in Economics and English.

Gayatri is a trained Carnatic singer and also took lessons in Thanjavur painting. She don’t want to take admission in the Delhi University, but her aim is to become a chartered accountant (CA).


Maithili Mishra


Maithili Mishra, Amity International School, Noida secured 2nd position in all-India topper in Class 12th examination. She is a good painter who has won several awards in painting. She scored 495 while M.Gayatri secured 496 out of 500. Gayatri secured the top position by a margin of 0.20%, and Maithili secured 99 percent marks in Humanities.


Tapas Bhardwaj

Tapas Bhardwaj, a visually challenged student from Delhi public School, scored 91.40 percentage. He prepared his notes with the help of a voice-to-text software, and his laptop was the biggest contributor in his success. He planned to study law and has already cleared the Common Law Admission Test conducted by National Law Universities in India.

Nehmat Mongia


Nehmat Mongia from modern School scored 95.80 percentage in the examinations. She battled dyslexia to hold the top position under special category in Delhi. She score 479 out of 500, 100 in Geography, 95 in history and Psychology, 99 in paintings and 90 in English. She spent 10 hours in studying everyday and understand all things and made her studying a fun activity. She wants to study fine arts and aims to be an artist.