Designing for the Screen – The Fundamentals | tech news 404

Designing for the Screen – The Fundamentals | tech news 404

Designing for the Screen – The Fundamentals

Screens are everywhere in our lives and probably always will be. Design must encompass TVs, computers, mobiles, touchscreen devices or big-screen presentations. Although it’s not always easy to translate great design between disparate platforms, here we have a few fundamental points that can be applied universally.

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Cut the Clutter

It’s easy to forget simplicity when you’re dealing with concepts and SEO, but it’s worth reiterating. Our comprehension works with patterns and naturally prefers and imposes regularity. Also, there’s a natural ‘eye flow’ across a screen, trained into us through reading, which shifts from left to right and works along with a visual preference for ranking importance of information with a bias to the centre of the frame – the concept of ‘centre stage’ to put it in legacy web design terms.

Know Your Audience

This helps a lot with design decisions. Are you designing for accessibility, such as for users with visual impairment or colour blindness? There are many resources out there about accessibility.

Tell a Story

Human brains love a story. We’re not suggesting that you turn your business triumphs into a fairy tale, but the idea is that we tend to think linearly in relation to cause and effect for forward progression. Our brains love to go on a logical journey, even when simply navigating websites. This concept can be broken down further into the ‘story’ of a single page and the cause and effect of certain actions and the on-screen interactions we make, influenced by the way we read the information contained within the screen area.

Create Visual Interest

To enhance your digital appeal, you not only need great graphic design, but also something to captivate the eye. This might take the form of motion graphics, such as those created by Leapfrog Animation. Whether you need to appeal to a business person in China or an expert in motion graphics in Devon, you can be sure that everyone’s brain will be engaged through use of thoughtfully designed animation. Just don’t overdo it. Remember that so-called ‘special effects’ are often neither special nor effective.

Complement Your Content

We humans are attuned to recognise incredibly subtle visual cues, and there is no reason why one shouldn’t use this to great effect. Bringing great graphic design to life will pique and hold the interest of everyone.