Different email marketing initiatives that offer benefits | tech news 404

Different email marketing initiatives that offer benefits | tech news 404

Different email marketing initiatives that offer benefits

Last time marketing team of our company has been assigned with a research task. They were asked to do a research on the demerits and merits of physical marketing and online marketing. Other than that they were asked to come out with ideas that can help in improving the marketing initiatives of the company in an effective way. The results they submitted where an eye opener to the company. Till that time the company was giving more importance to physical marketing. The higher authorities of the company have started taking new decisions on improving the marketing efforts. Now there are new plans. As part of the company’s marketing team my duty is to coordinate the email marketing team. Other than that I have to find new ways to improve the efficacy and reliability of email marketing.

For heading the email marketing team I have to know more about email marketing, other than the latest developments in the field. This allowed me to go in detail about email marketing and its various services. Let me tell you the details I gathered on email marketing services allow me to give a new direction to my company’s marketing team. I was able to give an improved way of approach to the email marketing service team.  Two important services that I was able to add to the marketing service are email verification and email validation processes.

Some of the innovative and high valued services that were included in the email marketing service includes:-

Removal of email duplication possibilities – Special type of duplication detecting software was introduced for this. Many companies have started offering this service along with email verifier services. This service helps in saving time as well as negating the possibility of sending many emails to a single sender. Most of the customers are not interested in reading the same mail more than one time. And, it is not good to send same type of email messages to a customer as the reputation of the company is tarnished due to t such acts.

Validation of domain – With this activity, it is possible to remove email address that contains invalid domains or inactive domains or parked domains. Domain validation is a part of email verification process. The companies that offer various email verification services have started offering domain validation services within it. Those who choose email verification services from an email verification service providing company will get all such services at the same rate.

Verification of complainers IDS – There are customers who are not interested in receiving marketing emails. Such people will register with a compliant cell for not getting marketing advertisements. While sending email marketing messages such customers should be avoided. Use of complainer’s verification tool allows in checking and deleting email IDS of people who are not interested in getting emails.

By coordinating with the marketing team and by implementing the above services in the email marketing services out team was able to demonstrate a good marketing performance before our higher authorities.

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