EaseUs’s recent updates in disk partitions | tech news 404

EaseUs’s recent updates in disk partitions | tech news 404

EaseUs’s recent updates in disk partitions

Most of us having our own PC’s; but its storage capacity not satisfies or not sufficient for our purposes, at that instant we starts our search for extra storages or other spaces from our local. It truly makes us feel bad, then we buy an additional hard drives or any other storage devices. And also we have felt some difficulties while saving, getting or any other actions within the storage drives, because we are living in pressurize world so we fail to remember many of these things such as file location, name of the document, and much more.

EaseUs the Data Recovery Wizard, in fact helps the public in numerous ways. Day by day they are improving their services and updated the versions with new needed facilities.

Most recently the updated the new version of EaseUs Partition Master free 10.5 with the useful features. The feature helps us to escape from the above mentioned difficulty.

New Version of EaseUs Partition Master free 10.5

This new recent updating management tool is free edition and it provides all in one partition solution. It’s a disk administration utility; and it helps us to extend our system partition of C drive, control the disk space, and resolve low disk space trouble.

This partition has a new style interface of windows 7 and incorporated with three major specifications of, Partition Manager, Partition copy and Partition Recovery Wizard and Disk. By using these specifications we can able to support the Apple’s GUID partition tables (GRT), Window’s Master Boot Record (MBR). What it means is we can use this only on windows program. And there is no Mac version is available in it; so if you want to use this program, the user must have the windows machine to control their Mac disks.

This edition provides the add-on features of; resize and move partition, expand system partition Manager, partition copy use to resolve all the partition problems in the hardware Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk (RAID), MBR & GPT disks , Partition convert, more over we can control the accessible disk space and restore a MBR.

When we buy our own PC, most of the settings have done by the seller. So what we do is just get it and use it. But after the years of use our PC’s performance will get slow, why because windows continue to reduce all the hard disk space. To get rid from this problem EaseUs introduces the new way expanding our drive with merge disk partitions; by using this we can take a full access of our disk space.


It is very simple and user friendly.

It full fills all your troubles and gives you the all in one partition solution.

It is the free of edition offers the expanded disk space.

It controls all your drive partitions.

Its different tools permits you to make images, apple formatted disks and backups with windows.

Its interface is understandable by everyone even a non technical person could access this one easily.