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Everyone seems to be on facebook today, I can’t say it is one of my favorite websites to promote my business. Even though it is not my favorite place for business, I have learned how to promote my business with relatively good success. I will share with you in this article what has worked best for me, I think no matter what your business is you must learn how to write engaging posts which will interest your audience. I had very little luck with product reviews here, also I found your images are your key to getting people to notice your posts. Without interesting images, people will not be attracted to even notice your posts. I rarely post an image of a product, my goal is to provide my readers with an answer to a problem.

I always attempt to make short interesting posts, my most effective posts which I receive the most likes provides a solution to a problem. Instead of sharing the answer to the problem in my post, I just give a little information what my post will reveal to my readers. Sometimes I ask my readers a question, then share with them the answer they will find in my article on my website. I find this way only the people interested in what I have to share will continue to read my article. Of course, you will receive less visitors this way. I have found you will receive more sales with this method, why entice people to your website who you know will not purchase what you have to sell.

My best posts are always my most friendly posts, ones where I write relaxing easy to understand posts. Casual writing goes much farther then business selling. I never mention the product on my facebook business page, the information is always with my reader in mind. If you write your articles and your posts for your reader you will do much better, people get turned off pretty quickly when you’re attempting to sell them something in your post. Instead, write to your readers like they are one of your best friends. Always be honest with your readers, once you get caught in a fib you will never get that person’s business again.

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I have found posting too many links never worked well for me, one link per paragraph is more than enough. Post just enough links for the convenience of your reader to click on them if interested, you do not want to be obvious you only posting to sell something. Focus on selling information not your product or service, information is free and much less offending to readers.

Posting too frequently never worked for me, most of the time I only post twice per day on one website. I will post on several websites, people keep seeing your post too frequent and know you have something to sell them. The best time for posting on facebook for me has been between 1:00pm and 4:00 pm, I know you would think evenings would be the best time after 6:00pm but for me posting earlier has been more productive. When I do do a paid promotion on facebook I prefer the weekends, I have had very good success this way.

You will receive more readers on your website if you give them a nice friendly invite in your post, this works much better than molesting your post with links and banners. I also when I think about it always invite them to like and share my post, I have started getting many more of both by doing this in a nice friendly manner. Consider what I have shared with you which works for me, experiment frequently with new ideas until you find what works best for you and your business.

I hope me sharing what works for me on facebook for my business gives you some ideas to experiment with your own business, now I wish to share with you the product of the day.

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Facebook is the place to promote your business, one of the most popular social media websites still today. I prefer google + myself, I just have a much better experience on this website for my own business. I hope some of the things I shared with you works for you, at least consider them and maybe use some of the ones you like the best. Feel free to leave me a comment, I always like to hear from my readers.



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