Golden Tips for an Attractive Website Design

Being a computer geek, I have been asked by dozens of people that why their website doesn’t attract more visitors. Now, there are a lot of factors that contribute to website popularity; but there can be no doubt that people will be always attracted to a good-looking website. A great website design doesn’t need to be flashy. It can be a simple format with striking colors and easy navigation. Such a website design can not only attract a lot of attention, but can also help in ‘search engine optimization’ for your website.
‘Search Engine Optimization’ or SEO, can be a crucial factor in web design. One should always design any website with SEO in mind. Background text on the webpage must be optimized in order to enable search engine spiders to traverse and index your website faster. All coding must be properly formatted; meta-tags and keyword lists should be in place. Make sure that only relevant keywords are used throughout the main content on your webpage. Try to include some major keywords in page titles and headings, but refrain from being excessive.

For every website, its content plays a major role in its success. Web content doesn’t really come into the category of web design, but any good web designer must understand how it should be written and placed on the webpage to create maximum impact and generate a good response from the viewers. If you are not good at writing content yourself, then hiring a freelancer to write keyword-rich content for you is a viable option. You can then set the content strategically to improve your website design.

One of the factors that a web design professional must keep in mind is the look of the website from a search engine’s point of view. An overcrowded and messy website will definitely look quite unprofessional, and search engine spiders may not crawl it, thus decreasing your website’s exposure exponentially. I order to make sure that your website obtains a good ranking in the search engines; keep the background a pale color, keep the fonts simple and clear, text properly formatted, try not use too many images, and try to avoid any streaming content like music or videos on your website.

Overall, the conclusion would be that; for any good website design, simple and clear is the way to go. Avoid going overboard with the design at all costs. A simple and easy-to-navigate website design is always better than a beautiful but cluttered one. Creativity is a good thing and I usually encourage it in website design, but too much of anything is never good.