Google Introduces Android 1.6: Donut

Android has gotten pretty famous throughout the last few years. Google now introduces their new version of the mobile Operating System 1.6: Donut. This ‘minor update’ includes the support for more different screen resolutions. For now, only an sdk version is available, in October the software will be released ‘out into the wild’.
For now Android 1.6 is only available as a software development kit. It’s still unclear when Google is going to release the official roms with all the new techniques. In roms from other parties, it should already be possible to apply the new software, but Google says that ‘Donut’ will not be used in the ‘store phones’ until October.

A big downside for a manufacturers to go with Android was the support of the screen resolutions. Versions 1.0 and 1.5 would only support 320×480 pixels. With the new Android 1.6, the developers will have more choices thanks to the support of higher and also lower resolutions. This was announced by Google on their Android blog. The minimal resolution will be qvga, that means 240×320 pixels and the maximum will be wvga. This would mean a maximal resolution of 854×480 pixels. The support for more screen resolutions isn’t really a surprise. HTC recently announced their Tatto, and it will be in the stores with a screen resolution of 240×320 pixels.

The support for more screen resolutions wasn’t the only reason to bring out an update. They have also added cmda network support in this new version. However, this updates wasn’t really a surprise either, because providers in North America are going to bring out new Android phones soon, and CMDA access points still dominate. Donut is also going to support vpn’s, which is for the biggest part meant for business use.

They have also added a good amount of new software to 1.6. There is an application that keeps track of how much of the battery percentage is used for which application. That should help users to determine how they could last longer with one fully charged battery. There is also a new version of the Android Market download store, that now gives customers the possibilities of viewing screenshots. Pictures of the new market were also leaked earlier.

Last but not least, the new Android offers a Quick Search Bar which is placed on the Homescreen. The Quick Search Bar can be used to search through the entire phone, like the standard applications, media files and documents, but automatically searches on the internet for hits too. With the newly added Voice Command function, the owner of an Android phone can easily call their contacts without even touching the phone. The Voice Command function also lets you make a search on Google.

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