How to increase your visitors and earn money using social network

Acquisition of customers to their sites or affiliate links is one thing that every internet marketer has difficulty. Not to mention that getting targeted traffic to these sites is even more difficult and requires much more work. Here I’ll talk about the real difference between your website visitors and targeted traffic and because it is absolutely necessary traffic directed to be successful in this industry. And through this, I will also show them ways to get targeted visitors by promoting social networking.

But what exactly is the traffic? Each time someone visits your website, is seen as the traffic. You can get loads of traffic to your website using traffic exchanges, but the truth is that you can never make a sale using this type of traffic. This is because this is not targeted traffic. When someone comes to your website on the internet looking for just what you’re selling, it is considered the targeted traffic. As an example, if someone is reading through a blog about “weight loss” and see an ad for your site that says something like, “lose 20 pounds in 20 days” and click on the ad, that is targeted traffic.

Here I will talk about using social networking sites for this type of targeted traffic. Are you aware that YouTube receives about a billion page views each day? Over fifty percent of the traffic generating YouTube are coming from search engines. Now think about it for a minute. A person would go to a search engine and search for information about “how to build a bird house.” Now let’s say we have a video clip on YouTube in the first page that is called, “learn how to build a bird house.” Many people will click on this link, since they prefer to watch a video about it than reading a report instructions.

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You can take full advantage of this method to start getting targeted traffic. You will not want to give them too much information into the video, but then in place of the conclusion of a video screen capture, or simply tell people that they are able to get full instructions by clicking the link within the description. And the description of the video clip can be a link that sends that person to a site that provides an ebook that shows individuals how to build various types of bird houses. You understand that this is targeted traffic, for which reason they originally conducted research to learn how to build a bird house. So, if instead of individuals performing a search to find your site in a traffic exchange, they probably do not even pay attention to it, then what is the distinction?

The web is loaded with a variety of social networking sites and you should try to use them all. You can perform the same type of procedure on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter to get the targeted traffic you need. Making use of social networking sites to push targeted traffic to your offers, you can really elevate your web business and put it on steroids. You need to be aware when creating these web pages because you do not want them to resemble spam. You should not produce a lot of these kind of spammy web pages or break the rules of social networking sites as this would result in the exclusion of its pages, as well as cancel their associations with these sites so that you could not use more of its services for more time. So, be sure to read and properly follow the rules and regulations of the respective sites…

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