How To Start A Personal Training Blog To Attract Clients Quicker Than You Think

How To Start A Personal Training Blog To Attract Clients Quicker and easier than you might think. A website is a website and a blog is a blog. They are different and in many ways the same. With both you can establish an online presence for your personal training business.

A blog is easier to build than a website. And you can use free blogging services so you will not have to pay for hosting space like you would with a website. A website can be challenging to build if you have not done so before. And if you pay someone to do it for you it can be expensive. But you can build your own blog.

A website might be difficult for you to build if you have never done so. A blog is simple to build. You can find many video tutorials online to show you how to have it up and running is less than an hour.

Search engines love blogs. Search engines rank sites on the internet according to new and fresh relevant content. If you post everyday on your blog, which you should commit to doing, your blog will rank high on the search engines. This means when people search online for terms related to personal training or personal trainer your blog is more likely to come up on the results pages verses a website on the same subject that is static; one that does not have any fresh content.

You can blog about fitness tips and diet tips. You will establish yourself as the expert in physical training as you offer valuable content to your blog visitors. You will have your contact information on your blog like you would if you had a website. But because people will see new content each day on your blog you will have more traffic than a static website. They will be more likely to contact you because they are on your blog regularly.

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You can also have an about page on your blog. Here you want to list what qualifies you to be a personal trainer. Then post information on how you help people get into shape.

You can offer discounts to those who visit your blog daily. You can invite people to contribute to the blog. Ask people to list what is there three concerns about fitness and diet. When you answer they will see that you take their concerns seriously. This will make them feel like part of the community.

Once you have your blog up you can then go to online forums that people looking to lose weight and get into shape visit. Do not go on these forums to promote your business. Instead go on with the plan to help others looking for answers to their training questions. Then you can put a link to your blog in the signature section of your forum post. As people read your forum answers they will want to know more about you and visit your blog. You might pick up some new customers with your forum posts.

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