Identity Guard Comparison withProtectMyID | tech news 404

Identity Guard Comparison withProtectMyID | tech news 404

Identity Guard Comparison withProtectMyID

Identity Guard and ProtectMyID are both services that provide protection against identity theft. With identity theft quickly becoming a menace, it has become a huge necessity for individuals to get protection. Above all else, people are concerned about their hard-earned finances and their freedom. Identity theft can very easily compromise both of those. Services such as Identity Guard and ProtectMyID have therefore grown to be quite popular among individuals. However, which is the best? The following Identity Guard comparison with ProtectMyID highlights the services offered by both and their merits and demerits.

Services offered

Identity Guard a product of Intersections Inc. has been in the market since 1996 while ProtectMyID by Experian, has been around for a shorter time in comparison. While they offer pretty much the same basic services, Identity Guard has a more comprehensive package. The services offered by both services include personal identity protection, credit monitoring and identity theft insurance. Identity Guard however offers additional services such as child identity theft protection, wallet protection as well as data protection.

Benefits of Identity Guard over ProtectMyID

Identity Guard offers a much more personal-centered service as compared to ProtectMyID whose services are centered on credit monitoring. Identity theft also happens to have many additional services that are not offered by ProtectMyID. For someone who is looking for a service that focuses greatly on his/her individual protection, Identity Guard would be the best option. Identity theft offers services in three distinct packages, which makes it much more flexible and with more room for choice as opposed to ProtectMyId, which only offers a single package. Real time monitoring is only offers by IdentityMyID, which also provides real time alerts for any incidences that may involve or mean the theft of your identity.

Benefits of ProtectMyID over Identity Guard

ProtectMyID offers a much more affordable service 0ffering just a single package with a flat rate of $ 15.99 as opposed to Identity Guard whose most comprehensive package is offered at $ 24.99. ProtectMyID also has a much better credit monitoring service as opposed to Identity Guard.


Overall they both have the same intention and that is to provide you, their client, with protection against anyone who might want to steal your identity. However, before you decide on choosing a protection service between the two, you have to determine which of them the best option for you is. Depending on your findings, you can then decide on the service to subscribe.