Learn Piano Online To Be A Music Star In Fewer Days | tech news 404

Learn Piano Online To Be A Music Star In Fewer Days | tech news 404

Learn Piano Online To Be A Music Star In Fewer Days

It is a thing of the past when you had to go to the teacher’s house to learn to play piano. Of course, teachers could come to your house too but getting stuck with a stiff schedule when you have so many other things to do is not very nice. So, technology did its job and today you can learn piano online. There are hundreds of platforms available to you for learning piano online but only a few are designed properly by the right people. Online piano learning programs developed by individuals who have played music themselves are the best ones.

Learning Made Easy

Technology has made learning piano extremely easy today. You can now learn from the comfort of your bedroom. All you have to do is take the lessons online and follow them at the pace that suits you. Of course, you will need to have a USB piano, midi keyboard, acoustic or digital piano in order to learn. Your piano gets connected to the computer with a USB cable or MIDI-to-USB cable. The program teaches by making you follow certain sound tracks, learning music theory, playing along music pieces picked from famous songs etc. The best programs will have a famous and recognized teacher to give you the training.

These online lessons allow individuals to follow interactive lessons too. Anything wrong with their playing and they can mark it in real time. They have the teacher with them while they are playing and taking instructions. If they make a mistake the teacher guides them. The lessons show the teacher playing on the screen and a piano is displayed at the bottom that shows what keys the teacher is pressing. The program also allows the players to record their playing so they can hear and share with others.

Why Learn Piano?

The reasons for learning piano or any other musical instrument can be numerous. We must not forget that the first reason a person wants to play a musical instrument for is expression of emotions. Some people feel that their inner feelings are better with a guitar while some believe piano reflects their emotions better. Once you have learned piano, you will know how to bring out the emotions in you and make people listen to them. Mind and eye coordination is another thing you get from learning piano. You have to concentrate on music sheets while also playing the right notes.

It has been proved in many studies that students that play piano perform better in their studies as well. Piano also adds a certain dexterity to your personality by allowing you to split the attention of your mind in two different directions simultaneously. When you play piano your one hand plays something completely different from what the other hand is playing. It is also said that individuals who learn piano become more consistent with their behavior and show great positivity to criticism because they have already gone through this process when their teachers point out their mistakes all through the lessons.

Playground Sessions

Playground sessions has to be mentioned if you are talking about piano playing and learning. Playground Sessions is the program that came into being when Chris Vance joined hands with Quincy Jones, the living legend musician of 20th century. This program is designed to teach you music in the most intuitive manner possible. It goes along the philosophy of playing to learn rather than focusing all attentions on learning theory. It teaches you theory too, but in a very intuitive manner. It lets you play the most famous and recognized tracks of the world to learn music theory and other technical knowledge of music. David Sides, the pianist known around the world, is part of this program to train you on your playing. It is currently the most appreciated and positively accepted piano learning program around the world.