List Building Is The Key To Internet Marketing Success

In internet marketing the essence or key to success is the list building, namely your list. You may have heard the same thing expressed by the now infamous saying, “The money is in the list.” Well, put that on your list of truths about internet marketing.

Suppose that you are involved with internet marketing and you have just developed a new product. Going a step further let’s say you are working with the sub niche of affiliate marketing and your new product is an affiliate program that you want to promote and that you want affiliates to promote.

How are you going to do that? The only way you can promote it is to tell someone about your new affiliate product. That someone is your list. There are all kinds of lists that you can use. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Affiliate List.

In the case referenced above, you would likely turn to your list of affiliates first, if you have any. That is, people who have joined your affiliate program and promoted some of your affiliate products before. A benefit here is that they in turn have lists of their own that they can promote your affiliate product to. So you benefit from their list as well.

2. Joint Venture (JV) list

Another list is what is called a Joint Venture (JV) list. Giveaways are currently strong in this area. You will see a lot of advertising that says something like, “A new JV program is launching.” In all likelihood, it will be a giveaway promotion.

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The idea in this type of list building is to leverage off of the lists of others to build your own list. Each JV partner that joins the giveaway has a list also. He advertises the giveaway to his list and the giveaway grows and more JV partners advertise it to their list. You hope that many of the people on the JV partner’s lists will see your giveaway item and sign up for it and thus be added to your list.

3 Your own opt-in list

This is the list that you want to build as large as possible. Each person on this list is someone that has subscribed in some way to your newsletter or free offer and opted-in to receive emails from you.

So, you could send your new affiliate program to your own list. Some of your subscribers will open your email and buy your affiliate program. Some will also promote your affiliate program to their list and that will increase your sales even more.

4. Twitter list

Let’s go modern a bit and look at Twitter. In Twitter your list is called your followers. In any case they are just a group of people that you can send messages to. These messages are called tweets.

But it is still a list of people that you have the opportunity to promote your products to. Here the key is to use your Twitter list in such a way as to get some of your Twitter followers onto your opt-in list. Here is a great way to build your list of Twitter followers.

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5. Buyer’s list

Some will go so far as to say that you don’t want to build a list of subscribers and that the money is not in the list. They advocate that you should build a list of buyers.
However, that is just a list that has been leveraged to become buyers.

The fact that they have bought is a good indication that they will likely buy again. But it is still a list.

6. Buy a list

You will even see people trying to purchase a list. But don’t go that route. You will get into the spamming world quick.

7. Email swap list

Here you team up with someone else to leverage his list to build your list. At the same time he uses your list to build his list. In essence you advertise your newsletter to his list in the hope that some of the people on his list will subscribe to your list.

At the same time he advertises his list to your list; hoping that some of your subscribers will also subscribe to his list.

Regardless of the name you give to it, building your list is the name of the game with internal marketing. It is so important that nearly every one that tries to coach you in the internet marketing arena will take you down the list building road.

In truth you cannot market a product in the internet marketing world without a list. You have to have someone to tell about your product or you will not have anyone buy your product. So it is imperative that you start building your list now.

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You may use safelists, Traffic exchanges lists, JV partner’s lists, Twitter followers, someone else’s list, social marketing 2.0 lists, email swap lists, etc. Any of these lists may prove successful. But, that success will be measured in terms of getting people onto your own list because that is where the real success is.

All of these Internet marketing techniques are geared toward the same end – list building.  All of these and more are used by internet marketers because the money is in the list. And by any name, the objective is to build a list of people that you can market your products to.

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