List Building – What You Need to Get Started

In my last post I talked about list building and some of the benefits it brings to your affiliate marketing business. There are many reasons to be proactive with your list building.

But like anything else it requires tools. There are some things that you will have to have in place in order to get started with your list building. Until you have these essentials in place you will not be able to build a list of subscriber and customers.

Also like anything else you will need to make sure the details are taken care of and you will have to implement things – that means take action.

So, let’s look at the essentials – what you will have to have in order to get started.

Getting these things set up may be new and even boring for some. You may even think that working on these is an unproductive endeavor, but you need to get the work done. Production comes later.

For others, these tasks may be new. In that case you will have to learn WHAT they are as well as HOW to use them.

In either of these cases the matter still remains that you have to get them done. Why? Because, your internet marketing business depends on your list building efforts and list building depends on these tools.

Once you get these essentials in place you can continue on down the road of getting a large list of subscribes that you can communicate with and over time convert some of them to customers.

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There are 4 tools that I consider as essential. Get them set up and you can start building your internet/affiliate marketing business:

1. You must purchase a domain name.

You will have to decide on a name for your online efforts. Once you have decided on a name and determined that the name is available on the internet, you will have to register the name. This is called purchasing a domain name.

It is considered by some to be a good idea to incorporate the theme of your website into your domain name. Some would say that you need to make sure that your domain name has keywords in it. Others would say that the most important thing is to keep it simple and make it easy to remember. You might start with

After you have selected your name, the URL you want to use, you need to register it with someone like GoDaddy or NameCheap.

2. Purchase hosting.

Now, that you have a domain name you need to get it visible on the web. This is the task of webhosting. There are many companies that offer this service. And there are many things to consider when looking for a hosting company.

Generally speaking it is not a good idea to register your domain and obtain hosting from the same company.

You should spend some time looking at the different packages that different companies offer. Determine your short term and long term needs and purchase the package that meets your current and projected needs. I would suggest that you insure that your package includes cPanel and Web Host Manager. This will provide you with the most control to create and modify your websites.

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You should also pay attention to the guaranteed uptime. You want a high expectation that when someone attempts to visit your site that it will be available.

There are other things to consider. Do your research and get your hosting account in place. There are many good hosting companies; some that I recommend are HostGator, Ultimate Marketing Center, and Kiosk.

After you have selected your hosting company you need to transfer your domain name to the hosting company. You do this with the company that you purchased your domain name from.

3. Obtain a way to build your site(s).

This is easy it you know HTML. If you do not, then a good place to start is by obtaining a WYSIWYG editor. With this you can make changes to your pages without having to learn much HTML.

Even if you plan to make your main site a WordPress blog, you will still need to build web pages for things like squeeze pages, thank you pages, download pages, etc.

I recommend the following WYSIWYG editors:

Kompozer or CoffieCup HTML Editor

BTW, I would not recommend using Fantastico to install your blog. A blog build with Fantastico is much more susceptible to hackers. I would really recommend Expert WordPress as the best WordPress installer available.

4. Get an Autoresponder and setup a list.

One of the primary reasons that affiliate marketers have a website is to build a list(s). An autoresponder will be your primary tool for doing that. You will have to have one. It will provide the following functions and many others:

Allows you to create mailing lists
Manage your subscribers
Aids in avoiding spam complaints
Helps in testing and tracking results

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You will find many companies that provide excellent autoresponder service. Select yours and learn how to use it. Become intimate with it. It will be your list building friend.

I personally recommend that you select Aweber or Ultimate Marketing Center. Many internet marketers like GetResponse as well.

With these 4 tools you are ready to start your list building journey and get your internet affiliate marketing business online into production. Your next tasks will be to learn how to use these tools to actual start the process. I see more work in your future.

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