Microsoft officially discontinued manufacturing the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 has become “antiques” recently, the “tech giant” statement will officially stop production of model machine console 11 year old.

So, Microsoft has officially stopped production of the Xbox 360 after 11 years launching. The information above was confirmed by Phil Spencer, the team Xbox leader of Microsoft. Phil shared: “Xbox 360 has a lot of meaning for us (Microsoft). While its sales are still very good, but the fact that the production of a device having age more than 1 decades, making “hard” for us, so Microsoft decided to will stop producing the Xbox 360. This line will continue to sell out the Xbox 360 last longer in the repository in a number of countries.”

According to the news site TheVerge, though no longer being produced, but Microsoft will still support the software, hardware and maintenance services, Xbox Live for Xbox 360 help the user play free games online. Besides, the support the gaming capabilities of the Xbox 360 on Xbox One will help users can play the old games of your favorite on a new system powerful, more modern.

Launched in late 2005, Xbox 360 is the console most successful, to help affirm the position of Microsoft on the market family game machine when sold 80 million units, far exceeding the Xbox first generation. In 2013, successor version of the Xbox 360 launched with the name Xbox One.

According To VnReview.

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