OPPO Mobile Phones Feature Outstanding and Vibrant Displays | tech news 404

OPPO Mobile Phones Feature Outstanding and Vibrant Displays | tech news 404

OPPO Mobile Phones Feature Outstanding and Vibrant Displays

One of the international smartphone companies that features enhanced design features for its mobile technology is OPPO. OPPO entered the mobile phone marketplace in 2008 and has manufactured an interesting array of smartphone designs ever since. For example, the OPPO Find 7 is technically considered a phablet (a combination smartphone and tablet).

This particular OPPO mobile product is made up of 3GB of RAM and a Quad-core processor of 2.5 GHz. You can also purchase the Find 7 in its variant model, known as the Find 7a. This phone design features 2GB of RAM and a 1080 pixel screen. The Find 7 was announced on March 19, 2014 and was released a month later.

Introduction of OPPO’s N1

The successor to the Find 7 was the OPPO mobile smartphone, the N1, which was introduced in September of 2013. Another OPPO phone, the N3, followed the N1, which features a 260-degree camera. The OPPO R5 has been described as the thinnest smartphone in the world – at least by the PR people at the China-based company.

A Very Thin Phone

Nevertheless, that record has since been claimed by another smartphone company. However, that being said, the OPPO mobile R5 does feature a 2,000 mAh battery which can be charged by as much as 75% in just 30 minutes. The R5 makes use of OPPO’s VOOC flash charging technology. The R5 also utilizes a SnapDragon 615 octacore processor, which runs at 2.1 GHz.

The Mini N1 – Impressive Features for Such a Small Handset

Both the OPPO Find 5 and OPPO N1 have been produced by the China-based electronics manufacturer. The OPPO N1 mini is the most current and compact version of OPPO’s N1. The mini N1 sports a moveable camera and operates on an Android OS.

Weight and dimension of the small phone are 150 grams and 148.4 x 72.2 x 9.2 mm. The tiny phone uses capacitive touch screen technology on a display that measures 5 inches and features images at 720 x 1280 pixels. The smartphone features a Quad-core 1.6 GHz cortex-A7 processor and 2 GB RAM memory.

Reviewing the OPPO Line

With its many impressive internal features exhibited by the OPPO N1 mini, you, no doubt, will want to view the features that are represented by other phones in the OPPO line. Most people, for example, who have reviewed the Find 7 OPPO phone have given it an average rating of 7 – a ranking that is based on the overall design, features and performance of the technology.

Most of the OPPO phones obtain high marks with respect to their camera configurations and their displays. The display, for example on the Find 7 phone is vibrant and cheerful and is larger than other smartphone displays.

Some Final Observations

The camera on the phone also produces “picture-perfect” images. The OPPO N3 phone is known for the larger sensor on its camera, one which enables the phone’s camera to record crisper, more impressive photographs. The N1 mobile device comes with a swivel mechanism in its camera’s design.