Product Review: Joby Grip Tight Micro Stand

The Grip Tight Micro Stand from is the perfect gift for the Instagrammer on your list . This little gadget allows you to sturdy your smartphone (iPhone and Android) to take a shot with ease. I love to take macro shots with my iPhone lens but I often have a shaky hand. With the Grip Tight Micro Stand I can attach it to a regular tripod, the GorillaPod Focus or use it on a platform to keep it steady. It can also be used next to my desk so I can view it more easily while I work.

The Grip Tight Micro Stand is roughly about the size of a memory stick. There is a tiny hole that allows you to add your own keychain or in my case as you see in the photo, I’ve added lanyard. This makes it easily accessible when I’m on the road.

The tripod opens up and can hold nearly any size smartphone with the expandable grips. The mount allows you to maneuver and pivot the stand to suit your angle.

You can even flip the stand so the phone/camera can be vertical (see image below). This is great if you have a workspace with your laptop and need your Smartphone within easy reach and viewable for those conference calls or video chats. The Grip Tight Micro Stand makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone with an iPhone or Android.

Summary: The Grip Tight Micro for iPhone and Android is a great stocking stuffer for any Instagram fanatic on your list. At only $29.95 it’s a versatile tool and is a great way to prop your iPhone next to your laptop at the office. You can use it in horizontal or vertical configurations which makes this a very versatile tool. This is also just as compact to carry as your memory stick or car keys. Anyone with an iPhone or Android would be pleased to find this in their stocking this season.

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