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Quick tips for your Apps | tech news 404

Quick tips for your Apps

Considering the fact that there are more than two million mobile applications that exist today in the world app stores, lack of visibility is one of the biggest problems that many developers face today.

For this reason, it is important to understand how positioning works in the app stores as well as various forms of optimization to get more traffic to download your app. It is critical to understand the full landscape of app viewership to get the most downloads. A great start is to view the ASO(App Store Optimization)guide produced by Mobile Action.

In the guide you will learn some quick tips according to the ASO Tutorial, which will help your apps get much better position in the various stores. Here are some things to consider:

Ratings and votes in the application: This is very important for the ASO in App Store factor, and especially for converting your App. If a user encounters an application that has a 1000 rating of 5 stars, it is assumed to be a great application. The position on the first page of the App Store is undoubtedly a combination of views, ratings, downloads and +1 on Google Plus.

Feedback from users: As the user votes, comments will be very important for positioning and ultimately getting people to download your app. Make sure to use the negative comments to improve the app and correct any errors.

Number of downloads: Obviously, the more people who install your application will gain more visibility in your app store.

Linkbuilding: As we have said, and never get tired of repeating, the App Stores have access to all Google search indexes. What does this mean? The more links you have from interesting and popular web sites the better positioned your app will be in the store.

Think video!: Get the most out of YouTube. Create a video explaining your product and to create expectations for your future customers. When it come time to market your app, create a demo video and make it available to your customers on your website and on YouTube. Bloggers like to add a video when they are doing a review of a new App.

Measure and track: It is critical for any marketing campaign to measure the results. You should measure and track all strategies, know what works, and focus on the strategies that are getting the largest number of downloads. If you’re just beginning with the marketing, it is very important to pay attention to these numbers.

Do you find you!:Nobody wants to create an app so that it is invisible to the search engines. Take your time and invest in search engine optimization, focus on the keywords that your target audience is looking for.

If you build a great app, people will talk about it.This is the most important factor before even thinking about creating a mobile application. If you build a great application that actually solves a problem, people will download it, bloggers will review it, and users will talk about it endlessly. Word of mouth marketing is always the most effective.

In the end, the key to optimize your apps and get the highest position possible is to follow soundASO. This will take time, but use the above strategies that we have discussed, measure your results, and you will ultimately have success.