Several tips about new Magento extensions today | tech news 404

Several tips about new Magento extensions today | tech news 404

Several tips about new Magento extensions today

Magento has already become one of the most popular cms systems for ecommerce websites today because it was specially developed for their needs. This cms system was developed several years ago and remains the most effective. The basic Magento features are free for every online store which means that they can get into business with minimal resources today. Also you are given a possibility to add more features and move to a paid version or use additional Magento solutions which are available for sale and download. There are a lot of Magento development companies which work in this sphere in close cooperation with Magento developers. As a result such companies create Magento extensions which are 100% compatible with all versions of Magento. Here you will be able to find out everything that you may need about Magento modules which many be useful for the work of your online store today.

First of all many online store are interested to fix all bugs and features which are not effective in a standard Magento cms systems. One of such problems which requires attention is checkout process which contains numerous fields which are not necessary both for you and your customers. This can become a problem because your customers will spend more time to do that and most of they would not like to provide personal information about them. During this step you have an opportunity to lose your customers. You can use special One Step Checkout Magento extension to solve this problem today. You can get rid of fields which are not required for you. It is a wonderful opportunity to get only those things which you are looking for. Based on this information you can organize your marketing campaign and offer other products in which they may be interested in to increase sales in the future for you online store. This interface is compatible with all devices such as tablets, Pcs or smartphones which you can use to do that.

Another extension which can be interesting for the owners of online stores is Stock Inventory Manager Magento module. The main advantage of this extension is the possibility to save your time on stock inventory management. Additional Stock Inventory Manager Magento solution is a perfect way to solve problems with standard Magento features for you. If you use it there is no problem which method you can choose to add products on your online store. This is important because you can choose CSV/XML files or API to do that. Also you can use update information for a great number of products for your online store. You can filter products by many features such categories, images and so on. This module helps you to make mass actions with these products for you. This Stock Inventory Manager Magento solution makes all operations easy and understandable for every person which means that you do not need much time to master such skills.

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