Smart Car Technology – the future is bright and wireless | tech news 404

Smart Car Technology – the future is bright and wireless | tech news 404

Smart Car Technology – the future is bright and wireless

Cars are now much more than a way of transporting people from A to B. They are entertainment centers with television screens for the rear seat passengers, high performance engineered safety features and plug in hubs for smartphones and tablets.

The future of car travel is that they will become heavily equipped with life-enhancing apps  – basically a smartphone on wheels. With the addition of luxury gadgets such as fiber optics in the ceilings of Rolls Royce models or the onboard light shows in the unique Hummer Transformer limousine from , the days of sitting in a car playing I Spy whilst reading a paper map are well and truly part of the past.

Enhanced Gesture Control

Voice controls have existed for a few years now but the new alternative gives the driver an easier way to input navigation points, enter phone numbers or even choose songs. Enhanced Gesture Control is a touch pad which is set beside the driver and they simply ‘write’ the letters or numbers one by one onto the pad with their finger. It means there’s no need to look at buttons or knobs and eyes can be kept on the road.

Head Up Displays

Whilst a little way into the future with some trials taking place with a small number of manufacturers, the objective of a head up display is to bring information into the side of the driver vision on the windscreen – without taking away their view of the road ahead.

With an iPhone app already available which reflects information such as navigation instructions from the dashboard to the windscreen, it’s a technology which is still developing. Road safety is the main concern but in years to come these issues will certainly be overcome to give us data in our eyeline as we drive.

In-car apps

The big buzz at the moment is the increase in speed of development of in-car apps. With some fitted as standard to new models and others being available for download, having access to all kinds of information as you drive is definitely the way forward. Current apps can gauge your estimated time of arrival and call ahead to let people know if you’re delayed, give you instant information on places to see in the city you’re currently in, or even contact online takeaway pizza companies to order dinner for you to pick up at an allotted time.

Communication between vehicles

A technology for the future which is currently under development is the ability for vehicles to ‘talk’ to each other when out and about. The idea is that vehicles can communicate regarding their position to help ease traffic flow and reduce hold ups by the information translating into new coordinates instantly being set on navigation systems.  A further assistance will be that one car can tell another that it is entering a blind spot and so alert the driver to be aware that a collision could occur. This means that all vehicles would need compatible technology and so this is some distance away but in the next decade  look for the launch of new cars with this idea as standard.