The smarter way of living is to make your home solar ready!!! | tech news 404

The smarter way of living is to make your home solar ready!!! | tech news 404

The smarter way of living is to make your home solar ready!!!

You all are aware of the fact that solar energy is the new buzzword in the energy and power sector. This form of renewable energy is gaining huge popularity and is surely going to dominate the energy industry in the coming future. Homeowners are the ones who are popularizing solar energy the most. It has been seen that in some parts of the United States a new solar panel is being installed every three minutes. Thus you can easily realize the popularity and the potential of this form of energy. Besides, the price of solar panels is dropping with each day. Solar energy is not only a cheap and green form of energy but also a cheap and affordable one. So while panel prices are low, it is the right time that you invest in solar panels for your homes.

There is a steady rise in the number of panel installations for new constructions. So if you are investing in a new construction then you need to make it solar ready! Hence you need to adopt solar ready construction standards. Now these standards are very simple ones; like the area, slant, inclination or type of your roof and so on. In terms of electrical requirements you will need a conduit and an interconnection to connect your solar photovoltaic cells to the main electric panel.

Let us go through the key requirements of a solar ready home:

  • South facing roof: the roof should be south facing for best results. If it is not possible then at least you must get a south east or south west facing roof.
  • Inclination of your roof: it should be around 45⁰, i.e. a 12:12 steep pitch. Again if the ideal option is not feasible then you can go for a 8:12, 7:12 or least preferably a 4:12 steep.
  • Type of your roof: we have found that sloped standing seam metal or asphalt roofs are the lowest cost to install on. This does not mean that solar installations are not possible on other roofs. If you have roofs of rubber tiles, corrugated metal or concrete then you will have to bear some extra costing to install the panels.
  • Free from obstructions: your roof should be free from tree shades, chimney vents, dormers, plumbing stacks and other obstructions. Your solar panel should have access to direct and unobstructed sunlight.
  • Conduit: you need a rigid, metal PVC conduit and a wall space requirement of 1mX1m area.

Thus if your house meets the above standards then all you need is to contact your local contractor and learn about the solar possibilities for your home…

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