Videocon D2H DTH Review

Direct to Home (DTH) is slowly picking up. The latest entrant is Videocon. I was checking DTH providers for some time and was noting the pros and cons in comparison with cable TV. During my study I found few important things which can be helpful for you. It is around a month now may be apt to write a review. I will discuss them as follows:

1. Why I purchased Videocon D2h?

– I do not watch every channel provided by my cable operator, wheres on Videocon D2h I can choose from a package – My cable provider provides around 120 – 130 channels, on Videocon d2h too if I select Karnataka gold I can watch 130 channels which includes most of the channel I want. On the downside it does not include the NDTV channels. Even Karnataka diamond package do not include NDTV channels. – Cable providers choose channels according to their wish. Like, they disconnected Colors at the season finale of Big Boss. On D2h you can choose channels as part of package. – My cable operator used to charge me Rs 250/month, wheres on Karnataka Gold package will pay Rs 150/ month for 130 channels. – On Videocon d2h the first 4 months are free on Karnataka gold package and 2 months on Karnataka diamond package. – Other D2H providers are available but this was the most cheaper.

2. From where you can purchase Videocon d2h?

– From any Planet M store (it is owned by Videocon), consumer chain outlets like Pai international, Viveks, Big Bazar etc

3. How is the service?

– I am quite satisfied by the service I have received till now. I booked it in the afternoon and I was told that it will be installed next day. However, I was surprised to receive a call around 8 pm and it was installed the same day. Since then I have disconnected my cable connection. Picture and sound quality is much better. They have active services where you can see a recorded shows. However, the movie on demand is still not operational.

I have not yet called their support, so I will not be able to comment on that.

4. How do you pay service fee?

– They have various recharge options as follows:

1. You can register on their website and pay using credit/debit card, net banking or using recharge vouchers bought earlier.

2. By calling their 24/7 customer service at the toll free numbers – 18001023111 / 18001806000 / 18002000111 or 0120- 3989677 (chargeable).

3. On IVR via credit card and recharge voucher.

Note: For support one can also mail to:

4. Do they offers various types of products?

– Yes, they offer only set top box, satellite tv (has inbuilt set top box), Satellite dvd (dvd and set top box in one) and satellite LCD tv (built in set top box).

5. What is the cost?

– Rs 1390 for the set top box, Rs 2690 for satellite dvd, they have various options for TV and LCD TV. Visit the link to check the cost and product options. All products has an additional Rs 300 installation charge.

Do share your reviews and feedback on Videocon d2h DTH.

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