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The Wealth Building Enterprises system was designed to force you to build a six-figure income and a high net worth. The system integrates and builds on the most workable aspects of the best systems we have seen or worked with over the years.

1. SPECIFIC WORKABLE AND STABLE BUSINESSES that you join to start your own passive or active business from home.

A business or home business is a crucial asset that can make extra income for you, markedly reduce your tax bill and even save your financial life in these uncertain times.

And having businesses to work with that are already several years old can give you a heightened certainty that you are working with something with staying power.

2. Our ‘TEAM’ system is what we use to help you to build your business rapidly. It leverages and helps you to multiply your business and income several times over.

It also helps you tap into the power of OPM (Other People’s Money) as well as other team members time and effort in building THEIR part of the business. This leads to ‘synergy’, the whole team being more than the sum of its individuals.

3. MULTIPLE BUSINESSES create multiple income streams for you as a vital necessity of self-defense in these financially chaotic times.

This is a faster road to an early retirement as you create more wealth in less time. And in case you lose one income stream, or you lose your day job, you have other streams working for you 24/7. With unemployment in America now at 6.7% and with more than 500,000 jobs lost just last month, can you
really afford not to pay attention to multiple income sources?

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4. Our FOLLOW-THE-LEADER system that we use within the Wealth Building Enterprises membership makes building multiple income streams MUCH easier for you.

Once you have a person in your sub-team in one business they can follow you into other businesses! Thus, with patience you can build several income streams with relative ease over time. Invite one person once, benefit for life.

Business is built on TRUST. You do not have to SELL anything to anyone. You only have to understand your business and tell others about it. Whether they join is up to them and their life goals. Some will join, some will not. Bottom line: people join PEOPLE not businesses.

Your whole life you have been telling others about your favorite foods, movies, books or products in detail and with enthusiasm. Now you can tell them about your business where it fits. Some will join. Some will not. Just a few a year can build you a lifetime stable income.

5. Our TRAINING systems allow you to learn how to start your own business from scratch and how to operate and expand it so it becomes a true asset that puts money in your pocket.

Your true and ultimate SECURITY will only ever come from one source: your personal knowledge and CERTAINTY that you can create income producing assets for yourself and others in any economy.

6. AUTOMATION systems help you put your business to a large degree on AUTOPILOT so you can get a lot more done with much less time and effort. Time is money. Time is Gold.

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This takes much of the ‘grunt work’ (dull, repetitive, time-consuming actions) out of business and frees you up to expand your business by a factor of several times.

7. TAX REDUCTION. While we are not accountants or tax lawyers, we know of VERY SMART people who are the foremost experts on this subject (at least in the US and Canada for now). We have links for you to acquire the materials and services you need to reduce your tax bill by $1,000, $3,000 or even a lot more every year starting THIS YEAR!

This is one of the best investments you can make and you will learn all about it. You will even learn how to immediately increase your take-home pay just by filling out one particular government tax form that your employer can give you.

If you are getting a tax return you are overpaying taxes. This gives the government interest-free use of YOUR MONEY all year. You can cash in on that money and use it yourself to build your wealth.

8. OWN YOUR OWN HOME. If you are like most people, you would like to possess your own home and do not want to spend 20 to 30 years working hard to pay for it.

The worst thing is that you pay twice for your home. Once in principal payments and once in interest to the bank. That is wrong.

There are ways to cut your mortgage to ribbons by optimizing any current mortgage you have and taking other actions. This information is provided to you at no cost here in the website and this alone can be worth $100,000, $200,000 or even much more in some cases in saved interest payments to banks or other mortgage holders over the life of your mortgage(s)!

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9. OWN A CARIBBEAN CONDO. While rapidly coming into free and clear possession of your home as above, we also assist you to acquire possession of your own Caribbean island condo or second home!

Many people dream about having a second home or a getaway
condo ‘down south’ in Florida or in the Caribbean.

As part of the Wealth Building Enterprises Group we have a
series of projects called Colibri Villas. We construct condos
in the Caribbean and make these available to our members
at a steep discount.

This is done on a pre-paid basis where you can make a down
payment of any size and continue to make payments month
by month or quarterly according to your budget.

Once your condo is 75% paid for, you can take possession
and Colibri Villas Corporation will hold the mortgage on the
balance at a low interest rate. You will be given all tips on
how to get the balance paid as soon as possible.

These are all important parts of building your net worth to
the $2 million range that is enjoyed by only 3% of the
population. This (along with a six-figure yearly income) is
the general target range for all our members in Wealth
Building Enterprises.

For more details on the points above, please see the forum!

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