What criteria does Google and Facebook pay for software engineers?

If you are curious about how they software engineers at big technology companies like Facebook and Google, you can read the article below for answers.

Software engineers upon graduation can have a 6-digit salary, not including good benefits. Based on experience, some people can get millions of dollars a year. However, the salary that each recipient receives is usually based on a single digit, according to CNBC, which is “rank”.

For example, at Google, new engineers enter level 3. Apple has 5 ranks, from ICT2 to ICT6. Microsoft system started from 59 for software development engineers and up to 80 with “technical fellow” (one of the leaders of the assigned field).

Of course, the salary is proportional to the rank. Data on levels.fyi points to well-paid software engineers at companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft.

This page estimates that a third-degree engineer at Google can receive salaries of approximately $ 124,000 / year and $ 43,000 in bonus shares, totaling $ 189,000; Engineer level 7 – usually the highest level – has a total income of USD 608,000. At Facebook, E3 engineers – the lowest rank – also received a total of 166,000 USD.

Each one is different but according to Osman Ahmed Osman, a former Quora recruitment manager, there are usually 6 levels. Each level has different titles but is closely related. Google and Facebook are examples of similarities.

Besides, businesses also use their own terms. For example, the rank at Apple is called “ICT” (individual contributor tech), the rank at Salesforce is MTS (member technical staff).

The company is often not transparent about the wage fluctuations of each rank, resulting in negotiations becoming more difficult. Some people are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, but there are also people who are paid millions.

Another fact is that there are not many people reaching the highest level. Although most Google engineers see level 7 as the career ceiling, some are even higher. According to The New Yorker, Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat – two of the best developers at Google – reached level 11. Osman commented on the pyramid-like hierarchy, the higher the number of people.