What Is A Firefox Plugin? | tech news 404

What Is A Firefox Plugin? | tech news 404

What Is A Firefox Plugin?

Many of the Firefox users do not actually have a clear about what is a Firefox Plugin, even though they might be already using many of them. Firefox Plugin makes an important part of the Firefox add-ons and enables addition of new features smoothly to the basic code of Firefox. In order to keep a web browser lightweight and speedy, the basic code of the browser is always kept lean and thin, and by the way of adding extra application to that basic core, the maximum functionality of the browser is achieved by the users.

The Plugins are these added small applications that when installed with Firefox offers extensive customization options as well as enables the user to avail new and exciting features. The next part of this article aims to describe the Firefox Plugins going to some more depth. You can get in-depth information on the same also from Sites like Versionplugin.com.

Plug-ins — a brief account    

In brief, a Firefox Plugin is a piece of software that is capable to manage Internet content that cannot be processed by Firefox directly. Normally, different videos, online games, presentations that are not being processed by Firefox directly, are processed and managed by these plugins. Firefox Plugins are third party software and they can actually increase the functionality of your Firefox web browser. Some of the popular Firefox Plugins include Adobe Flash, Java, Silverlight, QuickTime, Adobe Reader, and Windows Media Player.

Why you need them

The best thing about Firefox Plugins is that they not only add more functionality to the Firefox browser, but also enables the user to alter the look and feel of the browser as per their own requirements and likings. The high end plugins are designed to not to slow down the system in any way, and they do not usually interfere with any other programs installed on the machine.

These tiny codes of programs are designed to make Firefox more effective for the users as well as to increase online security. Plugins can offer great protection against online Viruses, malware, spam, and other security threats; and in order to get the full benefits of Plugins it is important that you keep the Plugins on your machine up-to-date from time to time.

Managing Firefox Plugins

The first step of managing your Plugins is to check what Plugins you have already installed on your system. Follow the next steps to find:

  • Click the menu and go to Add-ons. Add-ons Manager tab will open.
  • Select the Plugins panel in the tab.

Under this panel you can see all the Firefox plugins you have already installed in your machine. If you wish to disable a plugin present in the list select the “Never Active” tab. Keep in mind that this will disable the plugin but it will still continue to exist in your system. To re-activate you can click the next tab “Always Active”.

Keeping your Firefox Plugins updated is very important in order to have a secured and smooth online browsing experience with Firefox. You can visit Mozilla’s Plugin Check & Updates page to ensure if any of your installed Plugins are out of date. You can get more information and help on Firefox Plugins on Sites like Versionplugin.com.