Why should I use a bumper for my IPhone ? | tech news 404

Why should I use a bumper for my IPhone ? | tech news 404

Why should I use a bumper for my IPhone ?

We use mobile phones for our daily needs but at the same time it is very important to use a good case or bumper to guard your valuable iPhone. So congratulations that you have your new Iphone 6 or plus but have made it clear that it will take your rough handle? If not, then let us discuss briefly in this article that why you need a Case for iPhone 6 or iphone 6 plus .

Now a days there are several types of iphone models in market with different variations available in varying in prices, material and usage . We have 6 generations of iPhones till now from the makers – Original iPhone, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4G, iphone 5 and iphone 6. Apple also have provided various types of cases and covers for us as well . Types like new, old, stylish, expensive and cheap iPhone cases and body covers .

At the same time there are various other third party companies who provides us case for iPhone 6 plus . Now we will discuss about the different types of IPhone 6 bumper in details which are available in the market.

1 Silicone Cases: The soft and flexible Silicone cases gives a extra good look in your phone and comes with a bit slippery touch. If you are worried about scratches then you must have a Silicone Case for your iPhone . A long range of colors and style will make your iPhone more adorable in your friend circle .   IPhone 6 bumper comes with a screen protector that also helps to reduce scratches .

  1. Leather Cases: Leather cases are also designed and made available to the phone users of generations’ of iPhone . These cases are just almost like silicon cases but the difference is in the material they are made with. You can always purchase different types of leather cases in colors but also in style from fresh funky to stylish elegant.
  2. Aluminum cases: If you are looking for a Case for iPhone 6 plus then these type is known for best protector. Maximum protection against scratches and small nocks made aluminum cases best among previous types we have discussed aluminum covers and cases are also available in wide array of different colors.
  3. Plastic cases: You can use plastic cases for iPhone and ipad as well. Wide range of colour and available in every street corner shop makes it best seller iPhone 6 bumper.The main purpose of a I case cover is that it helps your phone form the outer world and at the same time it gives your style a new phase. We have to be careful that a cover does not make your iPhone hot. Good air circulate and passing the generated temperature is the main motto before buying any case for iPhone 6 plus .