A Look at the Stylish New Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

While Smartphones have become the latest mobile phone craze, there are still a great many that are not too interested in all the hi-tech features that can be found in a Smartphone. All they are looking for is a phone which has a few standard features, but should be very pleasing to the eyes. For those people, Nokia has created the most ideal phone that the people who value fashion above features will find very appealing – This phone is the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte.
The Nokia 8800 Carbon arte comes loaded with all the latest features that you’d look forward to if you were to get one of the usual mid range Nokias. The main thing that causes the 8800 to be more coveted than those other mid-range phones that it is on par with is its stylish and innovative design.

The 8800 has a stylish body which is 109 x 45.6 x 14.6 mm in dimension, and weighs 150g. The body of the 8800 is neatly crafted with a fine looking Carbon fiber and titanium material. This is not the first phone that Nokia has incorporated Carbon fiber and titanium material into its design. But the detail and quality that is evident in the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte, only serves to remind the mobile world that not only is Nokia the best when it comes to mobile phone technology, but they are the best when it comes to fashionable designs.

For those individuals who view their phones as the ultimate fashion statement, the 8800 Carbon Arte is without a doubt the phone to have, because it’s a reflection of class and stylishness. Moreover, it is rather easy to use and has a relatively good battery life. Its standard Li-Ion (BP-5M) 1000 MAh battery gives it a talk time of up to 3hrs.

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The clear OLED/16M colors /240 x 320 pixels /2.0 inches screen, also adds another level of quality to the Nokia 8800, and makes it even more desirable. The screen also has a Scratch-resistant glass cover which protects it from being scratched and damaged too easily.

Although the phone is equivalent to a lot of other mid-range Nokias where its features are concerned, it also comes with a few features and capability that you’d mainly find in a high-end Smartphone. It includes 4GB of internal user memory which is more than enough to store all the pictures that are taken by its 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels camera which has autofocus (and also records videos.

The Nokia 8800 also includes a quality music player that supports such formats as MP3, AAC and AAC+. It even has a built-in FM radio player which makes it possible to listen to different FM stations while on the move. It also comes with a very impressive WAP 2.0/XHTML internet browser, which makes it possible to browse different mobile wapsites, and full Html websites which are formatted for the desktop computer.

In closing, though the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte was intended to catch the attention of people who place a lot of emphasis on mobile fashion, it still has some very good features which will attract the wider market.