The FBI spent over 1.3 million dollars to unlock iPhone of terrorists

The director of the federal Bureau of investigation U.s. (FBI) has just revealed this organization had to spend over 1.3 million dollars to unlock iPhone of terrorists because Apple refused to support.

At the security forum Aspen in London (England) on April 20th, FBI director – James Comey has revealed the giant fee that they have to pay for hacking password iPhone of terrorist groups in the shooting in San Bernadino, California.

He said: “A lot, certainly more than what I earn in 7 years 4 months of work. However, in my view, it deserves”.

According to the spokesman of the FBI, the salary per year of mr. Comey is 183.000 USD. That means, this organization must pay more than 1.3 million dollars (more than 29 billion VND) for hackers only to unlocking an iPhone.

To the present time, this is the most expensive cost for the hacker that the FBI ever published.

FBI ever ask “richer” Apple technology to help unlocking the phone but it was refused. To the end of March 2016, The U.s. department of justice said the agency investigates hack into the iPhone 5c by a new technique. However, this method is only applicable with every iPhone 5c and can’t hack the new generation of iPhone.

Some sources expressed the doubt about asserting the phone that help in the investigating process. They said, however, successful unlocking, but inside sources were not important.

Source: tienphong.

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