Welcome the first millionth of “Martial artists”, Ng?o Ki?m Mobile looks back a memorable year

Up to now, Ng?o Ki?m Mobile is MMORPG that reached the milestone of 1 million players in just over 1 year. Let’s look back at the memorable milestone to see why this game have strong attraction .

Date January 12th, 2015: official launching gamers Vietnam

At 10 o’clock on the date January 12th, 2015 is the moment when Ng?o Ki?m Mobile was brought to crowded players and claimed the title of “10 years have 1” after launching only 10 minutes . The Game has reached the threshold of 8,000 players logged in 10 minutes after opening. We can say, this is a number that anyone should be “shocked” when this product can achieve the achievement seemingly only for PC game.

Then, variety the server, the new update, the same sequence of events for gamers continually being launched to satisfy the needs and gratitude to the gaming community for growing and sustainable. In particular, up to now, that number has hit 1 million of milestone and putted Ng?o Ki?m Mobile becoming MMORPG game the first game thats reached the milestone of 1 million players.

Febuary 2015: Award “The Most Potential Game Mobile”

Launched less than 1 month, Ng?o Ki?m Mobile has quickly become the “fever” swordplay game on the smartphone in early 2015 with hundreds of thousands of gamers playing every day. In the Gala event Game 2015 which held by The Vietnam Digital Communication Association(VDCA) for honoring the online games which be released in Vietnam, Ng?o Ki?m Mobile has suddenly received the award “The Most Potential Game Mobile” by the expert council certificating. This is very big honor for a mobile game just recently launched at that time.

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June 2015: The final of top four beauty.

At this point, this is one of the beauty contest and very rare in the Vietnamese game market. Top four beauty contest is under the sponsorship of the Arrogant Sword held with large scale and total value of prizes for winners is up to 300 million VND. The contest attracted hundreds of contestants from all over the provinces in the country. Top four beauty has been considered by the gaming community in national by interesting from the appearance of many female gamers which is extremely beautiful and has a reputation in gaming.

September 2015: charity program: white clothes for kids

Though the game is virtual, but the feelings between people and people, in which is always true. Every relationship is built through time and trust, including shoulder side by side. The feeling between people is not just in the gaming community. Ng?o Ki?m Mobile is extended it far to the activities, the humanities, full of meaning, originating from the charity trip which is full of warmth. To perform the right spirit, in the last Middle of Autumn, administrators of Ng?o Ki?m Mobile and the number of representative players who have contacted the Orphans Center in Ha Cau, Ha Dong to arrange and organize a trip to visit and give gifts to the children.

November 2015: official step up Windows Phone

Following the success and the unbelievable record was established on the operating system iOS and Android. In November 2015, Ng?o Ki?m Mobile has continued to launch “the little brother” version of Windows Phone. Ng?o Ki?m Mobile sent to the players in the segment of market, relatively “primitive” is a game full of quality.

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January 2016: Big Offline for happy birthday, 1 year old in Ha Noi

Offline event be held in Ha Noi on the last January 16th which has marked milestones 1 year anniversary of Ng?o Ki?m Mobile. Although knowing this event is taking place at the Northern region, but there are still plenty of gamers from the two regions, Central, Southern and the other neighbor cities don’t mind of rain and wind to come and share the happiness with publisher.

With content taking the word “Love” as the main theme, so throughout the event, despite receiving a lot of the suggestions as well as questions from the gamer community, but administrator team Ng?o Ki?m Mobile is still persist to resolved information for each person.

A year 2015 filled with events, activities in and outside of the game, Ng?o Ki?m Mobile has gradually become the second home, a place for the martial artists, the four direct brother for converging to meet and share. Experiencing many incidents turbulent, Ng?o Ki?m Mobile still stands until today as an affirmation for a game, “swordplay for 10 years, have 1” along with the warmth supporting and sincerely from tens of thousands of friends.

And then today, Ng?o Ki?m Mobile has reached a milestone of 1 million martial artists, that hasn’t gained by another swordplay MMORPG. Welcome this special event, the administrators of Ng?o Ki?m Mobile has releashed a series of events with the amount of gifts incredibly huge and value. Specific as: Week of gold, The rain of rose, Talking with Xiao Long Nu, the golden spin, God of Fortune knocks door… for more detail to click here.

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