You will be startled to read this review “throw stones” iPhone in 2007

Because the iPhone is “throw the stone handed” of the day that is the source of tens of billions of DOLLARS each quarter of Apple.

2016 will be a difficult year with the iPhone, when the Apple must also predict sales of the iPhone will first stop the growth from its inception in 2007 until now. But even when going downhill, the smartphone has also giving Apple hundreds of billions of DOLLARS in revenue, at the same time change the mold of your mobile phone from candy bar, clamshell of days ago the “rectangular big screen,” as it is today.

But at the time 9 years ago, when new born, the iPhone was once the object of fierce criticism of so many people. Let’s re-read the reviews iPhone of Dave Winer, a technologist, a writer famous in New York and the same question: if the iPhone sucks to so why is Apple achieve success giants like today?

Today is the day 25/7. The iPhone hit the shelves from 29/6, and it is also the day I get iPhone on his own, so we are nearing the time round 1 month to enjoy the iPhone.

These technology usually do not rate products after about 1 month of use, but it is also the time you found out whether this product is truly worth with the warmly received initial or not.

The New York Times said sales of the iPhone reached a disappointing. I want to point out that the product is also very disappointed.

I still continue to own and use a BlackBerry, thanks to the ability to email and web superior than Apple phone. So the iPhone has no search command, and also seems to not save the email into memory on the machine, this will be a phone, worse for the purpose of email.

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For example, I just brought every iPhone with me to a meeting in Palo Alto last week. When I was still driving I had know in advance that I will be late, so I call the partner and tell them. With BlackBerry I can do this while waiting for a red light. I just need to find the name of the person to call in the mailbox, open the email first, select the telephone number, press the scroll wheel twice, once to order, call once to confirm.

The iPhone you just can save 25 most recent email messages in memory, and pity is the email of who I need to call is not located in the 25 top item. the iPhone has no search option. And it also don’t have a scroll wheel or even the ability to copy paste. The result is that the lights have turned to green from long ago that I still haven’t find the email that contains the phone number of the person to call. (I have recently received a number of emails insists the limit of 25 can be raised to 200 and I did so. Thank you!)

However, iPhone more beautiful phone BlackBerry very much and also feel hand better. I’m not being ironic Apple for that, because style is very important, especially on a personal device. But it seems that they should learn the competition much more to create a finished product about facial features.

I still see the virtual keyboard of the iPhone difficult to use even after 1 month. The BlackBerry easier to use than many. However, I like the way punctuation on Apple than it is on BlackBerry.

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Seems we will have to make a discussion lasting about whether the effort to create the experience of “mobile web” is reasonable? Or, should we accept the way the iPhone’s display capital cause more work (you have to scroll and zoom in/out a lot) but in turn help for you can read any web page, whether web, mobile or not. I think what Apple is trying to do is very valuable, but then will fail. The iPhone screen has a resolution limit, and if even not so, even if they can cram a billion pixels every inch, finally the amount of detail that our eyes can see are limited, not to mention the fingers also have big certain.

The remaining features of the iPhone such as camera, YouTube, browser, camera and all the features the iPod is also quite pleasant, but didn’t feature any of these works really well, and when there is no web interface and email quality, these features can’t help the iPhone more attractive. Finally, this is only a mobile phone is well designed and very stylish.

Everything will be different like as if the iPhone has an SDK (development tools, application) in full, if you like you can run Mac OS X application on the iPhone or if the smartphone is integrated software server HTTP to allow you can customize from Mac or Windows PC through Wi-Fi. In other words, everything will be like as if the iPhone has many features revolutionary and is also an open platform in the tradition of Apple and the PC industry?

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Certainly we’ll be tested very much approach different email on the iPhone, and one of them will be following of what BlackBerry has. This will be the temporary solution for the software product, email great can will appear on the iPhone. The software developer will probably be very interested in the iPhone, but probably never reach the level as the first weeks of the phone launch. Scenario to occur is, the iPhone if you achieve success then will be finishing the same way, like the Mac, is when the weakness deadly be removed on a “iPhone Plus” or something similar.

Remember that in the 1980s, Apple was the first company to offer the ability to connect network into PC and then this is also the first company to launch a Wi-Fi router. Hope Apple can “open” the iPhone today and in favor of the first people to buy the iPhone because you have bet on Apple. Hope they will help the developer can take advantage of the opportunity when creating a new platform, not just create a device like the iPhone.

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